Python Bindings for LLVM
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llvm-py provides Python bindings for LLVM. It’s goal is to expose enough of LLVM APIs to implement a compiler backend or a VM in pure Python. llvm-py consists of Python and C modules that wrap over the native C++/C bindings of LLVM, and does not use / have dependencies on "glue utilities" like Boost.Python, swig etc.

llvm-py is available as a source package (only). It works / should work with GNU/Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X platforms, on both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Python 2.4 or better (but 3.x is untested) is required. The SVN HEAD usually works with the latest released LLVM. In case you discover that any of these claims are wrong, feel free to send across a patch.



SVN r96 now works with LLVM 2.8rc2. Please test.


LLVM tutorial ported by Max Shawabkeh!


0.6 released, works with LLVM 2.7.